Get Involved

We are working to make the garden a resource for everyone in the neighborhood. We invite anyone who lives in the area to participate – in whatever way works for you.

STEWARDSHIP GROUP: This groups is made up of residents who live near the garden and want to help steward this community resource. Some Stewardship Group members garden at the site themselves, but that is not a requirement. The group focuses on:

    • Creating a community garden that helps build connections and good will in our           neighborhood

    • Stewarding the upgrade and redevelopment of the garden, including helping with         fundraising (see the redevelopment plans for the garden)

    • Ensuring that our community garden runs smoothly each year, by helping to                 establish guidelines and helping to resolve any issues that arise, as needed

COMMUNAL GARDENING: This groups meets every Saturday morning from 9:30 - 11:30 between mid April and October to garden several plots together. You don't need deep knowledge of gardening to participate. We share the veggies we grow among ourselves and contribute about $25 a year for seeds, seedlings, and to support the water bill.

GARDENING YOUR OWN PLOT: We ask gardeners to commit to these guidelines:

    • Confirm that you want a plot by Feb. 1st and start tending your plot by May 1st

    • Tend your plot at least once a week between May and September (understanding         that some weeks may get missed here or there)

     • Join spring clean-up day and fall closing day, or take on a task if can’t attend

     • Let us know right away if you can no longer tend your plot

     • Each plot is $20 per year. Gardeners will also have to contribute to the water                bill, about $10 - $20 per year. If this cost is a problem for you, just let us know –          we don't want anyone to drop off because of money.

(As of May 2021: There is a waiting list for plots but we invite you to join it. We see some turnover year to year, and the list is not long.)

OTHER VOLUNTEERING OR DONATING: If you have something you think the garden could use  we would love to know! During 2021 we could use the following:

Shed Gardening Tools (metal rakes, trowels, shears, shovels etc)

Seedlings Perennial flower plans

If you have another way you think you could help, we also want to know! Contact us at